Developed to Fit Your Needs
Coaching & Consulting
Every agency is different. Depending on where you are in the lifecycle of your nonprofit agency, your needs will be different. You might just need a sounding board and place to bounce ideas. You might need information or advice on how to move forward. You might be looking for strategic support or long term assistance.

Whatever your need. Temperley Consulting can help you find your path.
  1. Special Projects
    Special Projects
    Just need a pair of extra hands. We can help with leadership recruitment, stakeholder surveys, program development, focus groups and much more.
  2. Pathfinder Program
    Pathfinder Program
    Specially designed for new or emerging nonprofit agencies, the Pathfinder Program provides coaching and support to help you find your way and develop an infrastructure for growth.
  3. Strategic Planning
    Strategic Planning
    A good plan is the foundation for guiding you in the right direction. We can facilitate your strategic planning work from community assessment to final plan.
  4. Fundraising
    No money, no mission. It can't be more clear. We can help educate your team and board and help you create a plan that works.